Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc. is a leader in developing products using Microsoft's Internet and Client/Server technologies. Our product line leverages the power and reusability of Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) programming paradigm. At Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc., we have focused on two business areas: Electronic Commerce and Interactive, Internet Television. Use the links below to get an understanding of the products that we provide and the technologies that drive them.

Development Philosophy
Learn how we are leveraging the power of Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), standard Internet and Client/Server technologies, and the latest audio and video streaming technologies to develop powerful, cross platform solutions.

The Active Shopping Cart Version 2.0
Check out the latest version of the Active Shopping Cart, the extensible, server based solution for building an interactive shopping experience that will work with any browser on any platform. Evaluate the latest release by viewing the full product documentation or download your trial copy and get started on creating interactive, e-commerce solutions!

The Active Catalogue Engine
The Active Catalogue Engine is a server based solution for putting your business on the Internet. It's powerful, extensible architecture allows you to build powerful, database enabled catalogues that work with any Internet browser on any platform.

The Active Commerce Solution
Learn how we have combined the Active Catalogue Engine with the Active Shopping Cart to build a turn-key solution for vendors and entrepreneurs expanding their companies to the Internet marketplace. If you are looking for a way to put your store on-line, a developer looking for a solution to putting your customers on line, or an Internet Service Provider looking to expand the services you provide, this is product for you!

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