Building Tomorrow's Products Today

Developing software is a difficult task. As new technologies emerge, it is difficult to choose a technology vendor, a development strategy, and a set of development tools without wondering if all of your hard work won't be outdated tomorrow. This is a challenge that we at Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc. must face as a reality of doing business in this fast paced world. After years of successful software development, we have the insight to choose the technologies and strategies that result in quality software solutions that work today, and tomorrow.

Our focus is developing quality solutions using Internet and Client/Server technologies. Leveraging our deep understanding of the technologies and the Microsoft platforms, we are building products and solutions that meet the needs of our customer today, and tomorrow.

The majority of our past business has been in developing Client/Server database solutions for our customers using products such as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Visual Basic and C++, and Microsoft Office. Our solutions are used all over the world by many national and international companies. We believe firmly in Client/Server as a development strategy and philosophy. We have the experience and the expertise to build solutions that leverage the power of the Client/Server network.

Internet Technologies
The Internet is the "ultimate" Client/Server network. The World Wide Web, electronic mail, news groups, and all of the other Internet technologies is by nature Client/Server. Developing Internet applications requires the skill of Client/Server experts. By leveraging our existing experience and bringing that expertise to the development of Internet applications, we are able to build a whole need breed of solutions that were not possible just a few years ago.

Microsoft's Component Object Model
Recently, there has been a lot of talk about component objects, distributed object architecture, and component reuse. Many are looking to technologies such as Corba and JavaBeans to provide solutions. Instead, we use the Component Object Model (COM) as implemented by Microsoft. Unlike Corba and JavaBeans, COM delivers on the promise of a distributable code architecture and cross platform delivery. COM components can be used on a local machine, across a local or wide area network, and even across the Internet. By using and developing COM components, we are able to leverage the power of distributed computing for creating powerful network and Internet applications.

This is not to say that we feel that Corba and Java are not powerful and usable technologies. To the contrary, we use these technologies where appropriate. However, it has been our continued experience that COM as a standard delivers on the promises that Corba and Java keep promoting, but consistently fail to meet.

Electronic Commerce
Without a doubt, electronic commerce is the future of business.Whether it be consumers shopping or companies transacting business on the web, the Internet has become the place to do business. We believe so strongly in the future of electronic commerce, that our current product line is dedicated to helping vendors get their products and services on the web and begin conducting business. Our Active Commerce Solution package is a turn-key solution to creating and maintaining web based store fronts.

Audio and Video Streaming
The Internet is the next television. Not next year, not tomorrow, it is here now. With the latest audio and video streaming technologies, the Internet is delivering on the promise of interactive television. Not even standard television can compete with the Internet's on-demand model for watching audio and video programming. We at Fulcrum Point are dedicated to using these new technologies in targeted markets. The first such market is that of the Southern California golfer. Just visit our FulcrumGolf web site and see how far video streaming has come. Even if you have a slow connection to the Internet (I.e. 28.8bps), you can enjoy video on demand regarding some of California's most impressive golf courses.

Bringing it Together
Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc. has the experience and the talent to bring all of these technologies together to build products and solutions. Contact us and let us help you leverage these technologies to gain decisive competitive advantage in your business.

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