A Breakthrough In The Creation of On-Line Storefronts

The Active Catalogue Engine (ACE) is a total solution for creating on-line stores. Combining a Server side library of Active X (COM) objects, a storefront made up of Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), and a Microsoft SQL Server database, the Active Catalogue Engine provides everything needed to get your products and services on the Internet.

Key features of the Active Catalogue Engine:
  • A complete Web-based interface for easy and secure storefront initialization and maintenance which requires no database programming or design.
  • An Active X (COM) and Active Server Page implementation strategy that does all the processing on the server and downloads only pure HTML to the client browser.
  • An extensive selection of storefront themes.
  • A storefront user interface that allows for a wide range of customizations.

For a detailed technical overview of the product, please read our white paper.

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