The Internet has created an explosion of opportunities for the software development community. The Internet is a large scale client/server network. By leveraging our expertise in high-end software development, client/server technologies and knowledge of the Internet, Fulcrum is uniquely positioned to create the next generation of Internet based business and software solutions.

The Internet has spawned a common data communication language for the first time in the history of computers - HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language). HTML is actually derived from a more generalized language named SGML. HTML and other SGML derivatives, most notably XML (which is used to define a standard for communicating data as opposed to HTML's document focus) enables any computer connected to the Internet to communicate using SGML-based languages.

Fulcrum is at the forefront of using XML to exchange data via the Internet. Fulcrum is currently developing two major systems that use the Internet and XML for the exchange of information between multiple groups of users. These systems have an e-commerce component in that they involve the transfer of funds between parties.

The burgeoning field of Internet-based e-commerce is comprised of many different segments. One of the largest segments is the business-to-consumer transaction segment where consumers can use nearly any home- or business-based computer to purchase services or goods via the Internet. The estimated total dollar volume of transactions in 1997 was approximately $500 million. By 2002, it is projected that this market could be in excess of $30 billion, nearly 100 times last years total.

Selected clients have chosen Fulcrum because of our knowledge and development in consumer based e-commerce. The ability to leverage our own software for the advantage of our clients has been and will continue to be selling point for our services. Our depth of e-commerce enables Fulcrum to present thorough proposals that are instrumental in closing contracts.

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